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Stefan Ditzend

Stefan Ditzend is a passionate teacher and gelato & chocolate consultant.

Born in Buenos Aires in 1988, this young chef is inspiring the new generation of gelato professionals in south america with the latest trends and technologies.

Stefan began his studies at Cesyt, where he became an international chef and continued his learning attending the most prestigious seminars, like the one imparted by Ariel Segesser at Carpigiani University. Food Engineering studies at University of San Martín (Argentina) and Technical Courses at Alicante University (Spain) are also present on this chef’s trajectory.

As a professional, he worked as head of technical service at Lucacen, an argentine official dealer of Pregel, Technogel and ISA. He also performs as teacher of gelato, chocolate and pastry at Escuela Lucacen and as technical and creative consultant at Chungo.

In the past, Ditzend has been head of manufacturing at Vasalissa Chocolatier, a renowned chocolate and ice cream brand, and technical consultant at Belcolade-Puratos Argentina.



Technical Assessment Trajectory

Del Turista - Bariloche, Río Negro

Gelateria Tito - Río Gallegos, Santa Cruz

La esmeralda - Los toldos, Buenos Aires

Rapa nui - Bariloche, Río negro

Tirol - Necochea, Buenos Aires

Nuestros sabores - Esperanza, Santa Fe

Figlio - Tandil, Buenos Aires

Veikko - Buenos Aires

Arkakao - Buenos Aires

Gelateria Llao llao - Buenos Aires

Heladeria Roma, San martin de los andes, neuquen

Glacier - Quilmes, Buenos aires

Alpino - Costa atlantica, Buenos aires

España - Concordia, entre rios

Danubio - Federación, entre rios

Tio tom - Junin de los andes, neuquen

Che bianca - Moreno, buenos aires

Artemio - La plata, buenos aires

Sabrearte - Pico truncado, santa cruz

Saborearte - Rio gallegos, santa cruz

Pragelato - San martin de los Andes, neuquen

La patisserie - Venado Tuerto, santa fe

Paula Roselló

Paula Roselló is a producer, content designer and communication specialist. Emotive, vibrant and rigorous in every detail.

She graduated from Austral University (Argentina) with a degree in social communication and then kept broadening her horizons studying vegan cuisine, food styling and strategic marketing.

Paula gained experience in the TV, Magazine, Radio and Theater environment working for renowned photo studios, TV channels and agencies.

Then came the opportunity to work as Account Strategist at Google where she developed a solid career and became Real Time Operations Lead in charge of a team of a hundred.

As of 2017, she has been working as Food Styler, Chief of Photography, Content Designer, & Producer as Business Partner of Stefan Ditzend.

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